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Monday, 25 December 2017 00:00


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The whole idea of founding a charity fund was born out of a few basic considerations: - There is growing poverty around us due to so many issues we have very little control over.

-People still die because they lack as little as money for a simple malaria treatment.
-    The little resources available are not evenly distributed and this has led to bad governance in almost every sphere of our socio-economic life, with consequent social ills and rising dissenting voices.
-    As a result, we have many destitute people, people who are not as privileged as most of us here, and above all, children who are orphaned as a result of many various societal ills as well as some natural causes.
-    To make things worse, we have kid orphans with no immediate care, some with all sorts of infirmities, and thus, these kids become really vulnerable.
Of course, we have always had such less privileged people in our society, but what makes the difference, or should make the difference, is our approach towards making our society all inclusive.
And for this, we can never thank our local Churches enough for what they have been doing and continue to do to the less privileged, and especially orphaned kids. How can the Church alone do all this? And how many orphaned kids have the opportunity to get into any care centre? Yet, everyday we have people going into orphanages to offer assistance, forgetting that not all such kids are in any formal trajectory of care.
So when I came into online contact with Nollywood actress, our own Ms. Njua Brunhilda Nain, who is resident in Leicester in the UK while I was in Brazil from the 1st to the 15th of June 2017, she shared what she has been doing in the past at the Njinikom Catholic Hospital Orphanage; and then we had a series of Skype meetings and virtual conferences to work out a shared desire to give back to society through assistance to vulnerable orphans, the destitute and the less-privileged.
To be able to come out with a name that encapsulates our objectives, we did a lot of brainstorming on the various activities we were to carry out to be able to touch the lives of our target group in a more meaningful way. It was consequent on this brainwork that we decided on CHARITY & EDUCATION FUND.
Considering that both of us are natives of Njinikom in Boyo Division, and that we all have a history of charity with the St. Martin de Porres Catholic Hospital Orphanage in Njinikom, we equally decided to have the headquarters of Charity & Education Fund in Njinikom.
As far as the start-off top executive board membership is concerned, the following considerations came into play:
1.    We set out to use our personal funds to kick-start to realise our dream of giving back to society.
2.    We set out to sponsor volunteers to set up data base information on our target group.
3.    We set out to make a lot of personal sacrifices in time, money and extensive travel to attain our objectives.
From the above, we initially decided to limit start-off top executive board membership to three: President (Founder/CEO); Secretary General and Treasurer.
Thus, there was the need to identify a third person to add to Brun and I; reason for a series of other meetings in Bamenda throughout the first two weeks of July 2017 with Mr. Njuami Mathiew Yongabi, of Njinikom extraction as well.
With the foundation so far set, a Constitution had to be duly written for Charity & Education Fund. It was unanimously agreed that the President/Founder/CEO takes up this responsibility, an assignment that was completed by the end of July 2017, with the assistance of two more identified start-off top executive officers: Ms. Comfort Mussa (Communication & PRO) and Mr. Yongabi Julius Kimeng (Programmes Officer).
On the 2nd of August 2017, a Skype meeting was convened for the articles of the Constitution to be discussed and adopted to stand as follows:
-    Preamble.
-    Parts I, II, III, IV, V, VI.
-    Sixteen (16) Articles.
On the 14th of September 2017, we applied for legal status at the Njinikom Divisional Office and by October 26 2017, the Senior Divisional Officer for Boyo duly acknowledged the legal status of Charity and Education Fund in conformity with the provisions of Law No. 90/053 of 19 December 2017.
In keeping with the laws of our land, on the 12th of December 2017, we applied to the Njinikom Divisional Office for authorisation to have this official launch of activities, and here we are today, with over twenty identified vulnerable cases, who have come out to share with us in the joy of Christmas.
Most of these kids are not as privileged as ours are; and for some, this may be the very first Christmas with smiles on their faces. Yet, Christmas should not be a mere commemoration to them; together, hand in hand, we can also make this period a feast to them, with the understanding that we do not offer because we have in abundance. No! In our individual and collective ways, we can give back to society from the little the good Lord has blessed us with; especially so as we grew up knowing that if we have a plate of food only for one, that same plate can go for two. This, my dear friends, is our motivation and drive to extend a hand of fellowship to the needy and the destitute. And at this juncture, permit me commend Project Hope Njinikom and the Njinikom Area Farmers Cooperative, with whom we shall be signing some partnership agreements, aimed at collaborating in the implementation of our goals and objectives.
As we invite all of us to cultivate this giving, receiving and sharing spirit, may I invite all of us to share in a Christmas prayer which our brother, the Rt. Rev. Fr. Igna Sallah Waindim, Rector of the St. Thomas Aquinas Major Seminary Bambui, offered our family  this Christmas period, and I quote:
“Our prayer this Christmas is that the hearts of all Cameroonians may be open to heed God speaking to them in his incarnate Son, who comes to establish true and lasting peace. In him may everyone see the Lord’s splendour, his greatness and power. May all human power bow to him, recognizing him as the King of kings and Lord of lords. May we all gather under his divine banner and obey his command of love for brothers and sisters, especially the poor and the needy, the sick and the elderly, the infirmed and the abandoned. May we not celebrate his birth in high places and, then, pass him by in the ghettos and refugee camps or abandoned in sickbeds and prison cells. May we recognize him in everyone, so that his message of peace and justice may echo in right conduct and right living. May the song of the angels resound in our land: “Glory to God in the highest heaven, and peace on earth to those with whom he is pleased!” [Luke 2:14]. Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year!” Jude Nsom Waindim,
Virgo Potens Home,

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