We exist to guarantee basic welfare of the less-privileged

There is growing poverty all around us, mostly due to issues that the governed have very little control over. People still die because they cannot afford simple malaria treatment; and the little resources available are not evenly distributed, consequent on bad governance in almost every sphere of our socio-economic life. As a result, we have many destitute people, people who are not as privileged as most of us are; but above all else, we have children who are orphaned as a result of various societal ills as well as some natural causes. To make things worse, we have kid-orphans with no immediate family care, and some with all sorts of infirmities, making them really vulnerable. Of course, together we can make a difference, by making our society all inclusive; yes, by giving back through little acts of CARITAS, in the understanding that a plate of food for one can also go for two.

Donating to Charity and Education Fund goes beyond a profound show of love for the less privileged. It is changing lives and putting smiles on faces that have known only misery, abject penury and abandonment.


About Charity & Education Fund


Motto: Giving Back Slogan:Sharing, Giving And Receiving