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The whole idea of founding a charity fund was born when I, Waindim Jude Nsom, an adult Cameroonian resident in Bamenda-Cameroon, came into contact with Nollywood actress, Ms. Njua Brunhilda Nain, who is resident in Leicester in the UK. While I was in Brazil from the 1st to the 15th of June 2017 on mission on decentralised cooperation, we had a series of Skype meetings and virtual conferences to work out a shared desire to give back to society through assistance to vulnerable orphans, the destitute and the less-privileged.

To be able to come out with a name that encapsulates our objectives, we did a lot of brainstorming on the various activities we were to carry out to be able to touch the lives of our target group in a more meaningful way. It was consequent on this brainwork that we decided on CHARITY & EDUCATION FUND.
Considering that both of us are natives of Njinikom in Boyo Division, and all have a history of charity with the St. Martin de Porres Catholic Hospital Orphanage in Njinikom, we equally decided to have the headquarters of Charity & Education Fund in Njinikom.

As far as the start-off top executive board membership is concerned, the following considerations came into play:
1.    We set out to use our personal funds to kick-start to realise our dream of giving back to society.
2.    We set out to sponsor volunteers to set up data base information on our target group.
3.    We set out to make a lot of personal sacrifices in time, money and extensive travel to attain our objectives.
From the above, we decided to limit start-off top executive board membership to three: President (Founder/CEO); Secretary General and Treasurer.
    Thus, there was the need to identify a third person to add to Waindim Jude Nsom and Njua Brunhilda Nain; reason for a series of other meetings in Bamenda throughout the first two weeks of July 2017 with Mr. Njuami Mathiew Yongabi, an adult Cameroonian resident in Bamenda and of Njinikom extraction as well.

With the foundation so far set, a Constitution had to be duly written for Charity & Education Fund. It was unanimously agreed that the President/Founder/CEO takes up this responsibility, an assignment that was completed by the end of July 2017, with the assistance of two more identified start-off top executive officers: Ms. Comfort Mussa (Communication & PRO) and Mr. Yongabi Julius Kimeng (Programmes Officer).
    On the 2nd of August 2017, a Skype meeting was convened for the articles of the Constitution to be discussed and adopted to stand as follows:
-    Preamble.
-    Parts I, II, III, IV, V, VI.
-    Sixteen (16) Articles.

About Charity & Education Fund


Motto: Giving Back Slogan:Sharing, Giving And Receiving